Обложка книги The Destroyer Goddess (In Fire Forged, Part 2)

The Destroyer Goddess (In Fire Forged, Part 2)

ISBN: 0765347962;
Издательство: Tor Fantasy
Страниц: 608

Book Description The Stunning Conclusion of In Fire Forged, A Publishers Weekly Best Book of 2003 The island nation of Sileria lies in the shadow of Darshon, the Destroyer Goddess, the great volcano that dominates the landscape and people of Sileria. When she awakens, their world trembles. She has lain quiet for decades, throughout the occupation of foreign invaders. But Darshon has begun to stir. Sileria has finally been freed from foreign rule, only to fall underthe power of the ruthless waterlords, powerful mages who terrorize those who depend on their mercy for the water that all life must have. Now their mercy is denied. Tansen, the rebel warrior, joins forces with Mirabar, a Guardian who is feared and admired for her fire magic, and Zarien, a mysterious sea-born boy, in a stand against the waterlords rule. As the power struggle among Sileria's warring factions intensifies to a fevered pitch, the tremors of Darshon...