Обложка книги Two Moons: The Freeman's Captive : Book Two

Two Moons: The Freeman's Captive : Book Two

ISBN: 0595330843;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 200

Book DescriptionAs Megan struggles to adjust to a green sky and a sexually-inventive society, she is brutally forced to confront the dark side of the planet Khyra. Kidnapped and held hostage by a determined and dangerous freeman, she must fight ruthless adversaries as well as contradicting feelings in her heart. At a time when she needs strength and resilience, will her love for Khiru, the fierce Rhysh Master, be help or hindrance? In Two Moons II: The Freeman's Captive , the second novel of her intergalactic adventures, Megan finds herself in a battle she didn't choose, one in which the outcome will forever change her life. Praise for Two Moons I: Worthy of a Master : "Finally! What an awesome 4-star read. Ms. Shepard has a unique ability for true character development along with inventive scenes."Download DescriptionSEXY B&D SCIFI SET ON FAR WORLDS Back home on earth, Megan's sexlife was boring. That was before she was kidnapped into space and learned to love...

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