Обложка книги Inside the EU Business Associations

Inside the EU Business Associations

ISBN: 0333793765;
Издательство: Palgrave Macmillan
Страниц: 190

This book is based on fresh and original research with 50 EU business associations and 150 of their members, drawing on literature from a wide range of disciplines, and presents some highly original synthesis. It assesses the effectiveness of EU businessassociations and their potential to bring value to the EU policy-making process and to their members, and lends a methodology by which they can be evaluated. The book bocates and assesses factors in the environment of EU business associations that influence their 'governabliity,' that is their ability to unify their members' intersts and to ensure they work together for the sam purpose. It then examines variation in the governability of EU business associations. From this, the reader will be able to understand the prospect for, and limitations on, the effectiveness of EU business associations, why they vary in their capacities and performance, and why they vary in their ability to bring value to their members and to the EU...