Обложка книги Wolverine: Weapon X Prose Novel

Wolverine: Weapon X Prose Novel

ISBN: 0785116052; 978-0-7851-2615-7;
Издательство: Marvel Comics
Страниц: 416

Book DescriptionThe Story of Weapon X. Before joining the X-Men, Wolverine was simply a directionless loner mutant named Logan. Weapon X isn't just another story about the Wolverine you know and love. It's the cruel story of Logan's transformation into Wolverine, as seen through the eyes of his tormentors. Spearheading the Weapon X program are Dr. Benjamin Cornelius and Carol Hines -- their goal is to create the ultimate weapon, an indestructible man -- and then enslave him. Their gift of invulnerability comes at a price to all those involved...especially their victim. Logan will lose his humanity, and many people will lose their lives. As Logan manages to free himself from his captors, a brutal wave of violence affects all those involved. From the bloody aftermath of Logan's transformation, all involved in the Weapon X program endure their own personal change...via guilt, ambition, and humanity. Can anyone survive the carnage of this bioengineering team's twisted...

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