Обложка книги Armies Of Hanuman (Ramayana Series)

Armies Of Hanuman (Ramayana Series)

ISBN: 1841493295;
Издательство: Orbit Book Co.
Страниц: 420

Book DescriptionFor 13 years, Rama and his companions in exile have defended themselves against the brutal incursions of the rakshasas. Finally, in the bitter battle of Janasthana, he achieves the long-sought victory, retiring to the sunny glades of Panchvati to wait out the last months of exile. But unknown to Rama, the demoness Surpanakha has survived and escaped?back to the hellish island kingdom of Lanka. There, she provides the key to resurrect her stricken cousin Ravana, lord of the rakshasas.And the resurrected Ravana seeks only one thing: vengeance against Rama...