Обложка книги Burning Tower

Burning Tower


ISBN: 0743416910;
Издательство: Pocket
Страниц: 448

"Return to the world of Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle's The Burning City, where the fire god Yangin-Atep has retreated into myth, leaving the residents of Tep's Town unprotected for the first time in their history." "But fires aren't the only danger the residents of Tep's Town are facing. From out of the desert come monsters - great birds with blades instead of wings. Magical birds, driven by some unknown force for some unknown reason. Although they can be killed, the danger these birds pose is greater than mere death. Without their god, the people of Tep's Town can no longer stand alone. Danger on the roads means no trade. No trade means that Tep's Town will die." Sent by the Lords of Lordshills to discover the source of the aptly-named terror birds, Lord Sandry and his beloved, Burning Tower, must travel beyond the walls of their home into a world where the manna that fuels magic is still strong - and someone or something waits to destroy them!

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