Обложка книги Call to Me

Call to Me

ISBN: 0976411563;
Издательство: Jada Press
Страниц: 308

Book DescriptionA women vampire cursed and alone, Kyi has wandered the earth for nearly two hundred years. She has feared the legends of her past and avoided mankind, by half refusing to taste the glories of love to hide from her cursed future. Protectedfrom the ancient spells of her mother; a powerful witch, Kyi is able to keep from the grasp of 'The Realm' and the evil that seeks to claim her. But the past is about to come back full circle and bringing with it the destiny that she has sought so hard to avoid, forcing her to face her demons. With the pride and heart of a warrior she will attempt to defy her destiny and the only man that can bring her release. But will the fates allow intervention? Jade Cohen, is not a man used to taking no foran answer. When first he sets his sights upon Kyi Javier he is more determined then ever to claim what he wants. He seeks to uncover her concealed past, from whence she hides. Instead, he will uncover the truth of his own cursed...

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