Обложка книги Catwoman Vol. 4: Wild Ride (Batman)

Catwoman Vol. 4: Wild Ride (Batman)

ISBN: 1401204368;
Издательство: DC Comics; Graphic No edition
Страниц: 128

One of Batman's earliest foes--she fought the Caped Crusader in the very first issue of Batman in 1940--Catwoman has reformed into a jumpsuited vigilante who defends the defenseless in Gotham City. In the latest collection of her own comic, she and protege Holly take a road trip to raise their spirits after the dark events of the just-previous story arc. As they cross the country, they encounter other DC Comics characters, including Wildcat, Captain Cold, and Hawkman (back in Gotham, Batman puts in a cameo). Since Catwoman owes its appeal to being more a crime than a superhero comic, this ploy shouldn't work. But Brubaker keeps things low-key--Catwoman spends more time in mufti than costume--and this humanizes her costars, too. Artist Stewart matches Brubaker's tone with a style poised midway between original Catwoman artist Darwyn Cooke's animated-cartoon look and the noirish aura of Michael Lark in the Gotham Central collection, Half a Life (2005). The collaboration effectively...