Обложка книги Level Three Leadership

Level Three Leadership

ISBN: 0130329436;
Издательство: Prentice Hall
Страниц: 356

I cannot resist a suggestion which embodies all of my hopes for the school. It is that nothing will ever induce us to lay aside instruction in the ethical foundations of American business. Without a firm attachment to unimpeachable integrity, in our business as well as in our personal affairs, we build on shifting sands and there can be no future for any of us. COLGATE W DARDEN, JR. This, book is about learning to make a difference as a leader. It promotes the view that many leaders, especially those raised and trained and experienced in Industrial Age organizations, have learned to lead at what I call Level One, focusing on behavior and often ignoring or undervaluing opportunities to influence people at Level Two, their thinking, and at Level Three, their values and basic assumptions about how the world operates. As a consequence, many managers have a superficial impact on the people with whom they work, which manifests as a perceived lack of leadership and lackluster results....

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