Обложка книги Heir of Stone (The Cloudmages #3) (Cloudmages)

Heir of Stone (The Cloudmages #3) (Cloudmages)

ISBN: 0756402549;
Издательство: DAW Hardcover
Страниц: 464

The third Cloudmages novel opens amid turmoil and rumors of war. Openly resentful of Banrion Jenna, first holder of the powerful cloch (magical stone), Lamh Shabhala, the royalty of the other Tuathas plot to bring down her and her heirs and claim the stone. Outsiders also threaten in the form of the Arruk, animal-like sentient beings striving to conquer humanity and learn the greater magics. The twins Sevei and Kayne, eldest children of Jenna's daughter, the beloved healer Meriel, are away from home, Sevei training with the Cloudmages, and Kayne with his father's campaign to slow the Arruk. Then the brothers' world is devastated by Meriel's murder, their specially gifted seven-year-old brother Ennis' kidnapping, and, later, Jenna's killing, too, which leaves Sevei a totally unprepared new holder of Lamh Shabhala. Separated and their family disrupted, each twin has no one to trust about him and must cultivate the inner strength to deal with the perils he faces. Farrell's smashing...