Обложка книги It's a Bird

It's a Bird

ISBN: 1401203116;
Издательство: DC Comics
Страниц: 136

Book DescriptionFrom Maus and American Splendor to Persepolis and Blankets, graphic novels have emerged as a vital forum for memoirs and semi-autobiographical tales. IT?S A BIRD. . . written by Steven T. Seagle (Vertical; Sandman: Mystery Theater) with painted art by European artist Teddy Kristiansen (House of Secrets) is a personal story details one writer?s attempt to find his missing father, come to terms with his family?s legacy of Huntington?s disease, reconcile with his girlfriend, and stave off writer?s block. If that sounds like a job for Superman, well, that?s the problem. The semi-autobiographical Steve Seagle of IT?S A BIRD. . . should be celebrating. He?s been offered a plum assignment: the opportunity to write the ongoing Superman comic book. But when his father disappears, Steve is confronted by his family?s history of Huntington?s and the possibility that he and his father might have the disease. He is desperate to...