Обложка книги King of Hell, Vol. 8

King of Hell, Vol. 8

ISBN: 1591829143;
Издательство: TokyoPop
Страниц: 192

Book Description*King of Hell is sure to please fans of sword play and sorcery *Consistent bestseller based on BookScan reports *Fast paced action and sidesplitting humor leaves fans clamoring for each successive volume! *By the illustrator of TOKYOPOP's Warcraft:The Sunwell Trilogy When Young and Majeh join forces to fight One-Eye's zombie army, they soon realize that there's more to the army than meets the eye. Many of Majeh and Young's friends are found among the ranks of the soulless warriors. As the two fearless fighters try to free their friends, looming in the distance is their final destination: Devil Mountain!

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