Обложка книги Marvel Knights 2099 TPB (Marvel Heroes)

Marvel Knights 2099 TPB (Marvel Heroes)

ISBN: 0785116133;
Издательство: Marvel Comics
Страниц: 120

Book DescriptionMarvel Knights - founded in 1999 - has been a symbol of cutting-edge quality not just for Marvel, but also for the entire industry. Now, on the fifth anniversary of this imprint, Marvel is shooting 100 years from the start date for a special event - Marvel Knights 2099. The five stories contained in this volume are set in a familiar time for longtime Marvel fans, but will turn the future upside down, just as Knights did for classic characters during the past five years. Collecting Marvel Knights 2099: Daredevil #1, Marvel Knights 2099: Black Panther #1, Marvel Knights 2099: Inhumans #1, Marvel Knights 2099: Punisher #1 and Marvel Knights 2099: Mutant #1.

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