Обложка книги Memories Of Empire

Memories Of Empire

ISBN: 1932815147;
Издательство: Medallion Press
Страниц: 562

Veil thought her life had ended the day her father sold her to a passing slaver. When the slaver's caravan is butchered by a lone attacker, her only chance for survival is to forge an unlikely friendship with the mercenary, Corvus. Beset on all sides by pursuing demons, she wonders if death wouldn't have been preferable. Unbeknownst to Veil, Corvus, an apparently invincible fighter, is searching for a clue to his past. Cutting a bloody swath across the Empire, now humbled by the Khaevinvasion, he seeks only to know who he is. On the other side of the continent, Kei and her partner reluctantly join a mission to hunt down a rogue sorcerer. The mission is led by an eccentric noble with a penchant for getting everyone around her killed. Kei's misgivings only increase when she's introduced to their erstwhile ally, the shadow spirit Jyo-raku. But she is duty bound to obey her commander. Different lives; different paths. Each seeking destiny. None knowing they are merely the...