Обложка книги Moonrise (Snowfall)

Moonrise (Snowfall)

ISBN: 0765340593;
Издательство: Tor Books
Страниц: 480

Book Description The World is Frozen Civilization survives in pockets of warmth, most notably in the vast, Mississippi-based Middle Kingdom of North America and in glacier-covered Boston. Boston, where high technology that borders on magic isused to create the "moonrisen," people with the genes of animals. Boston, which looks at the growing strength of Middle Kingdom, united under the brilliant King and Commander, Sam Monroe, and sees a time when Boston will not rule. A coup destroys Middle Kingdom's royal family, save for young Prince Bajazet. With Boston's minions in pursuit, before long Baj is Prince no longer, just a man on the run. His saviours are three of the moon's children, who are conspiring with the surviving northern Tribes to overthrow Boston. Baj has no choice-he must side with the rebels or die.

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