Обложка книги Silver's Bane

Silver's Bane

ISBN: 0373802226;
Издательство: Luna
Страниц: 496

Book Description An otherworldy intrigue . . . With the courts of both the Sidhe's Otherworld and the mortals' Shadowlands in contention, nothing seems safe anymore. Now blacksmith's daughter Nessa is caught up in political and military intrigues that might loose the goblin horde. Widowed queen Cecily is fighting for a throne she never expected to have. And Delphinea, lady in waiting to the Faery throne, is caught between the powers of Sidhe and her destiny. A desperate peril . . . The first battles are over; and devastation wracks both lands. With Nessa crossing between worlds to further understanding of each people, Cecily and Delphinea must fight to contain the evil that edges ever closer. Because their honor demands that their countries come before anything -- even love. And life . . .