Обложка книги Slayers Text, Vol. 4: The Battle of Saillune

Slayers Text, Vol. 4: The Battle of Saillune

ISBN: 1595325808;
Издательство: TokyoPop
Страниц: 250

It seems our little band of adventurers just can't catch a break. Employed as guards, Lina and Gourry accompany Sylpheel to Saillune City. Unfortunately, the royal family feud is downright deadly. Can they help Prince Philionel survive assassination attempts and keep their own heads on straight? When you've got the deadliest hunters, dark sorcerers, bug-like monsters and other grotesque creatures on your tail, it's going to take a little sorceress with some major magical power and a swordsman with phenomenal abilities and a lot of luck to save the day.

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