Обложка книги Spyboy: Final Exam (Spyboy)

Spyboy: Final Exam (Spyboy)

ISBN: 1593070179;
Издательство: Dark Horse
Страниц: 96

Book DescriptionThis is it, boys and girls! Alex Fleming, a.k.a. SpyBoy, comes face to face with his greatest challenges ever - his senior prom, his graduation from high school, and the long-awaited revelation of the truth about his mother! Tossed into this already volatile mix is SpyGuy, a deadly new villain who cleverly disguises himself as a substitute teacher! In this collection, Alex's world is turned upside down when the local police discover his hidden stash of weapons and conclude that he's a terrorist. Will SpyBoy clear his name and survive graduation day, or will he be blown to SpyBits? Find out, in the clever and action-packed SpyBoy: Final Exam!