Обложка книги The Ancient Legacy

The Ancient Legacy

ISBN: 0060506768;
Издательство: Eos
Страниц: 528

Book Description The power of the Ancients was once harnessed on the hand of young Mathew Lewin in the form of a rose gold ring. But the treachery of a cruel and beautiful enemy changed all that. For three years, the world has believed Mat Lewindead, slain by Teanna, the mysterious Nyngary princess who stole his rose gold ring. Now he has been drawn out of hiding by a long-awaited opportunity to retrieve what is rightfully his, thereby reclaiming the power to free his enslaved homeland. But theworld he's returning to has changed. The Orlocks have risen aboveground, led by their insidious queen Shakira, possessor of another of the rings, a mighty army, and a dark dream: the annihilation of humanity. Only by joining forces with his adversary canMat stop the doom that confronts the world and save a future that may already be lost.