Обложка книги The Ruthless (Lords of Darkness)

The Ruthless (Lords of Darkness)

ISBN: 193281521X;
Издательство: Medallion Press
Страниц: 361

Book DescriptionMordred Soulis, the Chosen One, has awakened from his healing slumber and must now continue his mission to save mankind. It is time to journey to the land of ice and snow, to the place where earth and heaven meet. It is time to enlist the aid of the second of the Vampyre Kings, the mighty Lir. It takes all the strength of Mordred's tortured soul to convince Lir to aid him on his quest to save humanity. For the blood of all Norse flows through Lir's steely veins, including that of Odin's battle maidens, the Valkyries. Together at last, the two sail across dangerous seas, discovering a new continent where Mordred seeks what he needs to defeat his nemesis, Vlad. The task is daunting. Mordred finds himself the victim of the Spanish Inquisition. Once again, he is forced to reconcile the evil men do with that of his creator. Once again, he must question his own existence, and the once clear vision of his quest blurs and wavers. And always, as time ticks...