Обложка книги The Third World War: A Terrifying Novel Of Global Conflict

The Third World War: A Terrifying Novel Of Global Conflict

ISBN: 0330492497;
Издательство: Pan Books (UK)
Страниц: 514

Book DescriptionAfter Iraq, a lull... then the opening stages of the Third World War... more chaotic and horrifying than any war in history. Hundreds die in the Indian parliament in Delhi. The president of Pakistan is assassinated. A U.S. military base is hit by a North Korean missile. America and Britain discover chilling links between the attacks. But U.S. President Jim West wants to avoid another war. Mary Newman, his young and brilliant Secretary of State, disagrees. She's convinced that America needs to make a pre-emptive strike?and swiftly. No one is yet aware that the war is already unstoppable. Every decision West makes seems to escalate the conflict. One by one, the very powers he's counted as allies become enemies, and the comfortable lives of citizens in modern societies verge on physical and emotional collapse. Detail by authentic detail, Humphrey Hawksley chillingly captures the unthinkable: a world speeding towards its own destruction.

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