Обложка книги The White Wolf's Son: The Albino Underground (Elric Saga)

The White Wolf's Son: The Albino Underground (Elric Saga)

ISBN: 0446577022;
Издательство: Aspect
Страниц: 352

Having given us the adventures of Oona, daughter of the Dreamthief's daughter and the sorcerer Elric, Moorcock now provides a very exciting tale of Oonaugh, the Dreamthief's granddaughter, and introduces Jack D'Acre, Elric's son and Oona's twin. One summer day in Yorkshire, Oonaugh's grandparents' old enemy, Gaynor the Damned, chases Oonaugh into the underground realms of Middle March and abducts her. Oona and a band of avatars of the Eternal Champion follow, to rescue her and find Elric's son. In the cruel empire of Granbretan, four of the foulest sorcerers in all the worlds plan to destroy the Cosmic Balance and become the eternal overlords of the Multiverse. Lots of excellently described action, and Moorcook handles the adolescent viewpoint of Oonagh beautifully. Moorcock fans and plenty of other fantasy readers should consider this a must read.

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