Обложка книги Artrex: Dark Hero

Artrex: Dark Hero

ISBN: 0595296904;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 364

Only the shadow of death can grant you the spirit and the will to fight for your life…and the lives of others. And such is the life of a Shadaal. Traveling through the Dark Ages in search of monsters to hunt and challenges worthy of their mettle, the phenomenal skills of the Shadaal are surpassed only by their bonds of friendship. Lead by Artrex, a warrior whose face and life are both cursed by a dark secret, their journey soon takes them to a foreboding mountain range from where few have returned. After many a ponderous victory, Artrex is bestowed with a magical sword of unspeakable power. But more important than the mysteries surrounding this strange weapon are the mysteries of love that plague Artrex in his most heartfelt thoughts. For who could love a monster? Journey with Artrex through a world of dragons and sorcery as this tormented soul of conflicting passion, amidst violent combat and dangerous enigma, learns the true definition of what makes a man into a...