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Elizabeth Merz

Betnoni's Prophecy

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ISBN: 0971429693
Издательство: Quiet Storm Books
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 356
Book One in the epic seven-book Last Gate Series. After years of working with the lume plants that have exponentially killed their friends and family, the Shodites demand that their overseer Daka Redd provide a safe and healthy environment. Arrogant Redd ignores the demands. The Shodites go on strike, but Redd declares that his slaves have started hostilities. His spiritual advisor the Betnoni the Ver dala Ven warns him to heed the peoples' voice or else one Daka son per generation will fall. They will also lose the connection to the Masing star that aids the Ver dala Ven, who will no longer exist. Redd rejects his Ver dala Ven advisor. One millennium later, Cobo of the Betnonis believes that he is the only living Ver dala Ven until he learns that he has a teenage son Taen from his passionate love making with Daka leader Jishni before his exile eighteen years ago. Cobo does not know for certainty whether his abusive son raised by his beloved and his uncle has the...
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