Обложка книги Blood and Judgment

Blood and Judgment

ISBN: 0743471733;
Издательство: Baen
Страниц: 320

There's at least one author out there writing fantasy in the manner of departed American wordsmiths like Leiber and Poul Anderson. I was particularly reminded of Leiber. First, BLOOD AND JUDGMENT brought THE SWORDS OF LANKHMAR to my mind -- Leiber's longest novel of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser; not just because of a little bit of plot-device affinity (traffic between universes), but because of the style -- heroic fantasy that recognizes heroism but also has a wry quality. But once I thought of SWORDS there was something else about BLOOD AND JUDGMENT that made me think of Leiber -- and made me want to say 'I wish he could have read this!' It's the Shakespearean element. I have to think Leiber would have relished this. To readers of this review who aren't readers of Leiber -- don't worry about that, but do consider giving this fast-paced, inventive novel a read.