Обложка книги Deep Ice

Deep Ice

ISBN: 1904492088;
Издательство: Bewrite Books
Страниц: 344

The future of the world is at stake! Terrorists bury nuclear weapons deep in the massive Antarctic Ross Ice Shelf and threaten to detonate the bombs - causing massive worldwide tidal waves and a catastrophic rise in ocean depths - ifthe free world doesn't pay a huge ransom. Climatologist Henry Scott Gibbs, out on the ice shelf studying the aurora, interrupted the terrorists in their lethal task. They shot him and left him for dead, but somehow he survived. Now, as the only witness, he holds the key to saving the world from disaster. In the company of a Navy SEAL task force and FBI staffer Sarah French, he joins the desperate search for the maniac who threatens global destruction. The hunt takes him from the snows of Antarctica to its final bloody climax in a remote Andean hacienda. Breathlessly exciting, this epic adventure leads Gibbs on a personal quest too - a quest to discover friendship, true love and the untapped depths of his own courage . . .

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