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William N. Kyle

Elden Deathwalk: Book 1, the Warrior Found

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ISBN: 0595272592
Издательство: Writers Club Press
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 288
Enden is a world of beauty with majestic mountains, fertile farmlands, and expansive plains. It is home for many races and creatures that wish to live their lives in peace. However, the Races of Chaos, led by the Race of Demons, wish to conquer and enslave the Races of Order. What stands in their way are the Elden Warriors, the Ancient Protectors. Many a war has been lost by Chaos due to the finale intervention of the Elden Warriors. The Demon Race with the help of the Bursh, a race of sorcerers, has a new Master Plan for conquest. The plan is threatened by the meeting of Argus, a Watcher, and a warrior named Cahan. It becomes a larger problem when it is determined that the warrior is part Elden. Even without being of the true blood of the Elden, he exhibits many of the abilities of the Elden Warriors. Argus tells Cahan, who has no memory of his parents or his youth, he is strong with the Elden Blood. This prompts Cahan, with his bonded companion and horse Nightwind,...
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