Обложка книги Elden Deathwalk: The Warlord Proven

Elden Deathwalk: The Warlord Proven

ISBN: 0595274730;
Издательство: Mystery and Suspense Press
Страниц: 236

Enden is a world torn by the conflict between the Races of Order and the Races of Chaos with the Human Race caught in the middle. Cahan is a simple warrior, but with his bonded companion, Nightwind, a large black war-horse, he has thwarted many attempts of the Races of Chaos against the Races of Order. He had no memory of his youth until he met Argus, a member of the race of Watchers. Argus encouraged Cahan’s travel to the Delven city of Gurth where he found out that he is not human, but is part Elden, the ancient race of warriors who have protected the Races of Order. To find his true destiny Cahan must journey to Ebon, the City of the Elden. On the journey, Cahan is accompanied by Altheri the Owl, Vessa the Valkarransorceress, and her wolf companion Runolfr. The Races of Chaos are determined to stop Cahan and Vessa. The Bursh Guild spy network identifies him as a threat to the Demon Master Plan to conquer the world. Their alarm increases when they consider...

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