Обложка книги Lucifer's Crown (Five Star Speculatvie Fiction)

Lucifer's Crown (Five Star Speculatvie Fiction)

ISBN: 0786253487;
Издательство: Five Star
Страниц: 450

Teacher Maggie Smith takes a group of history students on a field trip to Glastonbury Tor as part of her course in Arthurian legends, finding instead a murder, a mystery, and a man claiming to be the long-dead English bishop, St. Thomas Beckett. Good and evil line up against each other in a battle for possession of a trio of powerful artifacts in Carl's (Shadows in Scarlett) latest novel. Blending historical mystery with a touch of the supernatural, the author creates an intriguing exploration of faith and redemption in a world that is at once both modern and timeless. For collections where Arthurian tales are popular.