Обложка книги Niamh and the Hermit: A Fairy Tale

Niamh and the Hermit: A Fairy Tale

ISBN: 1889758361;
Издательство: Arx Pub.
Страниц: 250

Beautifully written, this lyrical tale tells us of Niamh, a halfling princess whose beauty is beyong compare. It is so great that it carries a terrible price. None can look upon her without going mad or being driven to seek a holy life. It would seem that this girl who has so much to give, for she is as beautiful inside as outside, will be alone forever, but then her parents learn of a man whose soul has strength enough to withstand her beauty. Niamh begins corresponding with him, and her heart is won, despite the rumors that he is terrible to look upon. Yet, before the hermit can come and claim his bride, the price of her loveliness banishes the princess from the court into the wild world. Alone and frightened, she manages to make her way in life, while the valiant hermit seeks her untiringly, through danger and pain.

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