Обложка книги Osiris: The Atlantean Exodus Beginnings of a New Civilisation

Osiris: The Atlantean Exodus Beginnings of a New Civilisation

ISBN: 0595267890;
Издательство: Writers Club Press
Страниц: 254

The Grand Master Priests of the Holy Temple Mount have the responsibility to establish colonies across the oceans in the Great Western and Eastern Lands, for the purpose of relocating and accommodating the citizens of Atlantis prior to the day of the deluge. Atlantean legend states that located near the Inland Delta Valley of northern Afri’ka is the fabled location of Khemit. It is this location that the Grand Master Priest Osiris has been charged with finding to establish anew Atlantean colony. Together with his pregnant wife, Isis, and an exploration party, Osiris sets sail across the vast ocean, travels through new and strange lands, and encounters many setbacks and trials throughout his journey. With the help ofMissionary Priests and Surveyors, and by using their technologies and magic, the Atlanteans establish themselves as Gods to assimilate the native inhabitants to assist them establish and build the new colony. Their mission is made even harder by the...