Обложка книги Prince of Gemen (Shadrani)

Prince of Gemen (Shadrani)

ISBN: 1553165845;
Издательство: LTDBooks
Страниц: 260

Imagine a people so attractive, so vital, so sexually enticing that they have been hunted, enslaved and persecuted for over five hundred years. Imagine that there are creatures from all over the universe who would kill to own them. These are the Shadrani... Princess Calli knows she is in trouble. Captured by the blood enemies of her Royal House, she has tried, but is incapable of escape. The enemy doesnt yet know who she is, but she is certain that once they find out, her death will be immediate and horrible. These Shadrani have as great a hatred for her, as her people do for them. All her life she has been taught to abhor them, with their unnatural sexual practices and unholy lifestyle. And she is also sure that is will be HIM that does the killing. With his steel blue eyes that shine with an unnatural hatred for her and all her kind, and the simmering heat of lust and need that passes so often between them. Yes, it will be the Prince of Gemen, in all his arrogant glory, who...

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