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Robert L. Heneman

Strategic Reward Management: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation

Обложка книги Strategic Reward Management: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation

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ISBN: 1931576548
Издательство: Information Age Pub Inc
Год издания: 2002
Страниц: 520
The contents of this book center around the management of strategic reward systems. In particular, the book focuses in on the following elements of managing a reward system: design, implementation, and evaluation. It is my belief that too much time is spent on the administration of strategic reward systems at the expense of these other activities that add more value than does administration to the organization. Moreover, it is very important to remember that the management of reward systems takes place in a larger context that must be accommodated when designing, implementing, and evaluating strategic reward systems. This larger context includes the business environment, business strategy, and compensation strategy. Elements of the environment include the internal environment (organizational structure, business processes, HR systems) and external environment (laws and regulations, labor markets, and unions). The collection of articles presented throughout the book is...