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David L. Dozer

Sanctuary from the Darkness

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ISBN: 0595270077
Издательство: Writers Advantage
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 242
Book DescriptionWhen tragedy befell the young prince, Eranel of Knightscroft, he turned his back to those who cared for him and set off to find meaning in his suddenly empty existence. He searched to fill the void in his soul for many years, but remainedlost until one fateful night ended his mortal life and forced him into a new, sinister reality. Eranel is thrust into a battle between good and evil, humans and vampires, and the dead and the living, as he is forced to decide whom to trust and whom to fear. But as these supernatural forces struggle to control him, and use him as their pawn in a deadly struggle for power and revenge, he begins to understand and accept the path in which destiny has chosen to lead him.
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