Обложка книги Silver Twilight Falling: The Silver Night Prophecy

Silver Twilight Falling: The Silver Night Prophecy

ISBN: 0595263976;
Издательство: Writers Club Press
Страниц: 280

Ancient, magical forces swirl silver and black as darkness falls upon the world of Atheos. Landon Jakes has lost so much. His homelands are overrun with an evil that is powered by the mysterious, magical force of Onyxdrop. He cannot forget his wife, Coren, whom he lost so long ago. He cannot stop loving her, either. Yul Eliost has the gift of rune magic and is a soldier for the Silver Crescent of Rhuhuell. Dispatched with a patrol across a mountain range called The Roughs, he could never have expected what he finds on his mission there. Rachel Doene is torn between two loves: her fiance and her magic. And then, a third love unexpectedly enters her life. So, after centuries of peace, the battle for dominance between good and evil returns to a place of prominence upon the world s stage. But the lines become quickly blurred, as even the wisest discernment of good and evil is based largely upon perception and trust. Every decision becomes a potential razor to cut the...

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