Обложка книги Stones Seven

Stones Seven

ISBN: 1591297141;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 428

Fiona leans into the hempen rope running across her back and around one leg. Step by step, she makes her way down the sheer cliff. Sea winds slam her against the wall. The rope skins and bloodies her hands. She drops from the too short rope to a narrow ledge washed by the sea, and lies in a heap on the granite shelf. Waves roll over her outstretched arm. A talisman stone of the Merthyr glows from a woven golden chain lying around her neck. This stone orders her life and her destiny. She must follow her fated path; or die. Following prophecies and spirit messages from the dead, Fiona struggles to find the mythical island-city of Iodha, fabled home of the Merthyr. Fiona is not alone in this quest. Somewhere in Kildonan, six other Methyr stones destine their bearers to the same fate, the fate of the Stones Seven.