Обложка книги The Amlydar Chronicle: The Complete Graywolf Adventures

The Amlydar Chronicle: The Complete Graywolf Adventures

ISBN: 0595295193;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 506

At first, Karl Gray was a POW who wandered down the wrong tunnel underneath a church in the Balkans. That fateful turn took him to Amlydar, the world where his parents had been Empress and Lord-Protector. To survive, Karl Gray hasto restore an exiled Princess to her throne, become a Stonekin friend of the trolls, and survive the warlocks who murdered his parents. Even after leaving Amlydar to heal from an assassination attempt, Karl Gray returns to the forested world to quell the rebellion of insane Imperator Nargon and the Tyrant of Tash. Even as he settles the problems of northern Amlydar, he encounters a trio of deadly vampires, a warlock still learning his craft, and the Apenecks who extirpated the Graywolf Clan in Amlydar and the Outworld. If he can bring peace to Amlydar, he may start new dynasties and reunite with the long lost son he has not seen in decades.

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