Обложка книги The Guardians of the Flame (Guardians of the Flame Novels (Raen))

The Guardians of the Flame (Guardians of the Flame Novels (Raen))

ISBN: 0743435893;
Издательство: Baen
Страниц: 720

This omnibus volume brings together Rosenberg's first fantasy trilogy (The Sleeping Dragon; The Sword and the Chain; The Silver Crown), which if not terribly original boasts energy, wit and a strong moral sensibility. An amiable group of college role-playing gamers enters an alternate world, the land of Pandathaway, where the treachery of their philosophy professor, Arthur Simpson Deighton, launches them on a deadly quest for a magical talisman that would give Deighton almost unlimited power. At the same time, the students seek to rid their new world of the tyranny of the Slaver's Guild. So the dilettante Karl Cullinane becomes the shrewd and mighty warrior Barak; Andrea Andropolous becomes the potent wizard Lotana (as well as Karl's wife); and James Michael Finnegan rises from his wheelchair to be permanently mobile as the dwarf Ahira Bandylegs. Along the way, they acquire some memorable allies, such as the sarcastic young dragon Ellegon, the barely sane ex-slave Tennetty and a girl,...

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