Обложка книги Dragonkin, Book 1 (Dragonkin)

Dragonkin, Book 1 (Dragonkin)

ISBN: 0743479467;
Издательство: I Books
Страниц: 368

Book Description The time of the dragons has passed, and a New Age is coming-an age that will be dominated by a race called "Man." Wyvernwood, a deep and mysterious forest in the land of Engmar, is the last known refuge for the descendants of the great and majestic dragons that once ruled the skies; and with them have come most of the remaining mythological and magical creatures of the world. But there is no stopping the gradual encroachment of Men. It is clear to all the creatures of Wyvernwood, especially to the dragons, that if they are to survive, a new home and refuge must be found. Somewhere lost in the dangerous outer world, the prophecy says, are three ancient artifacts called the Diamond Dragon, the Glass Dragon, and the Heart of All Dragons.When the three are united once again, it is said, they will point the way to a new home. And who will dare to seek such a place? Harrow, Chan, and Dido are three young dragon triplets, two brothers and a sister, born of the same nest....