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Charles Cordova

Journey To Myridia : Book One of The Myridian Trilogy: Tales of Mischief, Courage and Loyalty (Myridian Trilogy)

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ISBN: 1413724809
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 222
When Valerie Travers disappears one day, her sisters Cynthia and Brianna must find her. But Valerie hasn’t just disappeared, she’s gone to Myridia, a land that is “. . .not here,” as the Talking Dictionary explains. Only the Wizard Fitzgivens knows that Valerie, Brianna and Cynthia are The Three, with unique powers they are not aware of. Summoned to Myridia by Fitzgivens, the girls must fight a Gracon-bird, ogres, Blue Lions—and the ruthless Sorcerer Mondragon, who schemes to become the King of Myridia by killing the king’s daughter, Princess Elisa. With the princess and Valerie in Mondragon’s power, only Cynthia and Brianna can rescue them. Helped by a talking shoe and the handsome Lord Andre of Loringate, all of them become trapped in the infamous Castle Coberg—from which no one has ever escaped. There seems no hope for the three sisters, yet they are all that stand between the ambitious sorcerer and his dreams of ruling an empire. So if the girls must die for Mondragon’s plans to...
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