Обложка книги Lucian Shadow: Rise of Corlee

Lucian Shadow: Rise of Corlee

ISBN: 0595306284;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 354

Book DescriptionBreeding confidence from the edge of battle, two political bodies wage war against the other in pursuit of personal agendas. From ancient scripture, the legend of the Lucian Shadow awakens, and the secret poison threatening the Kingdom of Zah's fragile land is set loose in revenge of its captivity. Time falters and beckons our receipt. The predication of survival is judged and granted by the courageous efforts of so very few. A small band of unlikely heroes shall lead a crusade against evil, the valiant assault enough to curse any soul the bloodshed promising to be horrifying and grotesque. In the year of our Lord must we rise in defiance to the wicked promises of deceit and hold true to our breast that we are of Zah. Courage is our shield, and the chosen must refuse the taste of defeat for should they fail, our lands shall forever be vexed with the shadow of Lucian. Darkness falls, and I bear witness... In a distant land an ancient foe will...