Обложка книги Return From Legend

Return From Legend

ISBN: 059531287X;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 234

Download DescriptionEnden has been peaceful for many years except for the few border raids by the Races of Chaos, mostly by the Saurians. In the background are the Elden, a race of warriors who opposed Chaos on rare occasions. So rare that the Elden havebeen considered just a legend. The Elden Warlord, Cahan MacHaimheirgin, is given information about the new Saurian Outposts that are being built. Although the Saurians give the appearance of just fortifying their border there are strong indications the outposts are much more than they appear. At a meeting of the leaders of the Races of Order, the Elden are requested to reoccupy their old Holds, vacant for five hundred years, and reestablish a presence that could deter a Saurian invasion that would plunge Enden into war. The Bursh, a race of sorcerers, allied with the Races of Chaos, are concerned about a Saurian invasion as well for it could endanger the future Master Plan of World Conquest, a plan that is...