Обложка книги Rise of the Engwar (Annals of Kar-Neloth)

Rise of the Engwar (Annals of Kar-Neloth)

ISBN: 1587362546;
Издательство: Hats Off Books
Страниц: 432

Not everyone has the luxury to celebrate when dreams come true... In Book One of The Annals of Kar-Neloth, the empire hears the long-anticipated news that the lost empress has been found. The allied kingdoms unite their resources to bring the empress back to Silver Lake, and at long last the founders of Kar-Neloth are reunited after four hundred years of separation, preserved by a magical sleep. In Book Two, Kar-Neloth mounts a spectacular celebration to reinstate Emperor Nathanand Empress Suzanne over the empire, but not everyone is happy. When the glad day arrives, Silver Lake is stunned to witness the Greyhair wizards vanish from the land. A commander of the Kar-Neloth army is driven by a haunting compulsion to forsake his position and prepare for a looming danger he doesn?t understand, while the son of a deposed king seeks revenge for his father?s humiliation. Nathan and Suzanne are pressed to maintain the enthusiasm of the revived empire in the midst of...