Обложка книги Suze (The Sol Chronicles, Book 4)

Suze (The Sol Chronicles, Book 4)

ISBN: 0595334040;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 238

Suze is book five of The Sol Chronicles . It is the story of a young girl taken at birth and raised on Ganymede in a government -run education system. War breaks out between the moons of Jupiter and Suze eventually is returned to Jupiter as one of the Ganymede troops in the war against the Callistans. Soon after her arrival Suze is wounded and left for dead. She is found by the Jovians and nursed back to health only to discover that the sauruses of the world believe her to be the one who can save mankind from a final extinction. Through the education given to her by the sauruses, Suze comes to realize her full potential and her fate. She only wishes that she would be the Savior of the human race. Only time will reveal the truth of the ancient saurus' prophecy. Is mankind again doomed or can it be saved by the young girl chosen by the sauruses? Will the human race finally be turned from a path of destruction? Or will the blight on the Universe be allowed to...