Обложка книги Terranova


ISBN: 0595319726;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 230

Terranova is an imaginary world thrown into chaos by Adrian, a mysterious being, uniquely gifted with free will. In a culture driven by social obligations and religious traditions, people must surrender to the changes that result from theAdrian's mere existence because his choices may save or destroy the world they once knew. To ensure the planet's safety, Kev is assigned to guard Adrian and prevent him from delivering Terranova into the hands of Redallion, an embodiment of death and destruction. He plans to overthrow the Goddess, Jahova, and rule in her stead as a tyrant. When Adrian runs away from Kev and his family, he comes face to face with Redallion. As the world waits for Adrian's decision and its fate, Arwyn, a young Priestess, unknowingly holds the secret to salvation, but she must overcome her demons to unlock the power within her and restore peace in Terranova. The heart of this story is about faith, love, sorrow, and the questions we ask about...