Обложка книги The Skull Unleashed

The Skull Unleashed

ISBN: 1592865712;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 596

In a world of steel and sorcery, dragons and trolls; in a land torn by warring kingdoms, a band of stoic adventurers quest to end the villainy of the Skull of Perdelious. The Skull is an ancient relic, born from a cursed sorcerer's demise. Besides wielding powerful magic, the Skull also commands a horde of demons that capture an entire fortified city. To defeat this grave evil, a paladin must ally himself with a demonic knight whose deeds of heroism outweigh his own. A priestess must fight her own for the demonic knight. And the demonic knight finds that the hardest demon to slay is himself. A good read for anyone enamored with the fantasy genre. Ideal combat scenes add luster to a well thought out plot scenario. Finally, someone has brought the game of Dungeons and Dragons to life.

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