Обложка книги Wistrix Donn: The Mystery and the Miracle

Wistrix Donn: The Mystery and the Miracle

ISBN: 0972605134;
Издательство: Bohemian Ink Pub
Страниц: 372

An action-filled epic of idealism and devotion, "Wistrix Donn" weaves philosophy, mythology, and mystery into a world of medieval fantasy. War consumes the lands of the east as rulers strive for power. Blood betrays blood. In the epicenter of the turmoil, a tower of amethyst appears?the Wistrix Donn. The emergence of the Wistrix Donn brings a whirlwind of paranormal activity, first wondrous, then terrible. The presence of these threats forces the return of the outcast Noetic and his estranged lover Ontic. Long ago, they received the blessing and the burden of the Mystery and the Miracle. Now, in the absence of their murdered god, Ontic and Noetic face cunning enemies of flesh-and-blood, as well as issues of faith, truth, and duty. They must come to terms with what is expected of them, as well as their feelings for each other. Heartbreaking choices lie ahead as armies threaten chaos, friends fall away, and the unthinkable emerges to challenge the divinely appointed pair.

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