Обложка книги Chasing the King

Chasing the King

ISBN: 1905202164;
Издательство: Bewrite Books
Страниц: 388

Mark Templer, novelist and musician, eagerly accepts the commission to write a biography of Arthur Pelham, the world's greatest rock guitarist, recently killed in a motorcycle accident. Arthur was Mark's hero, but as Arthur's closest friend tells his story, Mark discovers other links, other identities. Fantasy? Hallucination? The dual or triple truth about an old secret? Layer by layer the past unfolds, then unfolds again, revealing a haunting mystery and a search for undying passion. Without false romanticism or the stereotypes of "Arthurian" or time-travel fantasy, Roxanna Ryder has created a unique fusion of history and fantasy, ancient and modern. Irresistible characters, compelling battle scenes, and above all, the blending of ancient Britain and the modern rock lifestyle, make Chasing the King a mesmerising debut by a major new talent.

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