Обложка книги Dark Clouds Rising : Black Star Saga: Volume One

Dark Clouds Rising : Black Star Saga: Volume One

ISBN: 0595330169;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 426

Dark Clouds Rising is the first book in the Black Star series exploring the fantasy world a Crux, a world of ancient falsehoods and broken nations. Within all this chaos, heroes rise to a calling even they cannot fully understand. In Flesh and Dreams , Stephen, an amnesiac, is found in a forest, wounded. Adopted by a group of dragonslayers, Stephen travels in their quest to rediscover their fervor against Dragons. The quest takes them through the ruin of raidedcities, the hall of a corrupt noblewoman, the fire of a battle against a barbaric horde, and the heart of the enemy?s lair. All the while, Stephen searches for his past, but a shadow grows in his heart that whispers gleeful memories of bloodlust and rage. In Reflections , Captain Serdis of the Nessus Law-enforcers hunts a cult that kills for pleasure. The religious cult worships a god of death from the country of Boncawa to the north, a country that warred with...

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Over one hundred thousand and fifty thousand words . . …