Обложка книги Doomstone


ISBN: 155404233X;
Издательство: Double Dragon Publishing
Страниц: 248

The world of good and evil resides in the Doomstones. The fabled Doomstones of light and dark, order and chaos. But they are gone now, wrested from their guardians by Sekia Soulrender. Broken will be the stones, unless the companions of Soulmender Ashroud can retrieve them The Shepherd, possessed by a dead man's soul, despiser of himself and the woman who spurns him. The Fernfolk, ravaged by the Timing and Sundered from her Bondmate. The Irthmog king, deprived of his kingship and held in thrall by a cursed weapon. The bhujan, a beast who can stride behind the curtains of the worlds, but who cannot conquer his own shame...Can the companions stop Sekia from remaking creation in his own twisted image? Can they defeat the Balgern, who devours the goodness found in all things? Or will the annihilation of the good bring eternal death and despair to the world?Download DescriptionThe fabled Doomstones, in which reside the world's good and evil, have been wrested from their rightful...